14:00, Keynote Preview: ‘Resetting Journalism in the Aftermath of Brexit and Trump’

A reminder that this afternoon’s keynote will be at 14:30 in Clothworkers Centenary Hall, School of Music. The talk is titled ‘Resetting Journalism in the Aftermath of Brexit and Trump’ and will be delivered by Barbie Zelizer (University of Pennsylvania). MeCCSA have promised that this keynote WILL be live streamed, so be sure to follow the link if you cant be here today.

Live Stream link – https://livestream.com/uol/meccsa2017

13:35, The final two hours of MeCCSA 2017

We are now entering the final stages of this year’s MeCCSA conference. But don’t worry, its not all over yet! From 13:40 there will a lunch break as well as the Lunchtime Session: ‘What Media Studies Academics Should Know About Open Access’. This will be chaired by Ian Macdonald in Lecture theatre 1, School of Music. A reminder that the day will conclude with the final keynote at 14:30 in Clothworkers’ Centenary Hall, School of Music.

13:12, Panel 6D: Unreported world

PhD researcher Ganzi Muhanguzi has picked up on Dr Chris Patterson’s claim of an unprecedented build-up of US military in Africa. Politics in the USA is dominating UK news at the moment, so vital to hear what is not being reported and to consider why.

12:59, Panel 6D: ‘Africa and the international media’

Mel Bunce (City, University of London) refers to a quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche in her research, “The international news coverage of Africa: Beyond the ‘single story'”

“The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”